Selecting the right tea leaf and tea pot is only one aspect of the tea experience.

The accessories that you use to prepare a proper cup are equally important. From tasting cups and trivets to servers and utensils, we’ve selected pieces that are both functional and beautiful.

We welcome you to explore our selection of artisan tea ware accessories. Each piece is hand selected to enhance your tea experience.

We Recommend

Tools You'll Need The Essential Utensil Set

Our Favorite Accessory Glass Server

There two accessories that we use day in and day out. They are our "go to" pieces: the beautifully carved Essential Utensil Set has all the pieces you'll need for gong fu cha preparation. Just as essential is our glass server - perfectly sized and shaped for both gaiwan and teapot brewing.

  • Tasting Cups

    Yixing Tasting Cup

    Our shop tasting cups, available in dark or brick colors. White interior to highlight the color of tea. Yixing exterior.

    2 styles for $2.50

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  • Tea Journal

    Tea Journal

    If we had a quarter for every customer who came in to the store to say "there's a tea that I like, but I've forgotten its name!"...
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  • Wood & Ox Horn Tongs

    Tea Tongs

    An essential tool in classic gong fu cha tea preparation. We use them in our shop to handle all of our tea cups.

    2 styles for $8.00

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  • Giant Server

    Giant Server

    A larger capacity hand-shaped celadon server from the ceramic studio of Xu De Jia. Glazed in beautiful sky blue celadon. Adaptable to a wider range of brewing teapots.
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  • Celadon Server, Iron Spot

    Celadon Server, Iron Spot

    A beautiful modern server by Xu De Jia. Adorned with a dazzling iron spot glaze.
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  • Celadon Server

    Celadon Server

    A shape that is both traditional and modern. Perfectly round, with an out turned lip around the top edge.

    Sold Out

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