What is Tea?


Over 2000 cultivars of the tea plant are known to exist. Cultivar variations affect the flavor and aroma of a tea; it is one of the factors that determine a tea’s character.


Where a particular tea is grown affects the quality of its leaves. Soil type, climate, surrounding vegetation, and elevation are all conditions that can produce different nuances in character.

3.Harvest Date

Time of harvest can distinguish a phenomenal tea from a mediocre one. Different tea types typically have one or two peak harvesting times.


Crafting creates a tea’s final identity. By controlling the enzymatic oxidation of the tea leaf with heat, the tea maker creates the different tea types we are familiar with.

  • 2008 Yiwu Pu-Erh Bing

    2008 Yiwu Pu-Erh Bing

    From our 2013 sourcing trip, this 'Bing Cha' from Yiwu is crisp, nutty, and the most elegant of our pressed Shou cakes.

    350 gram cake for $58.00

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  • Shui Xian Cake, 2012

    Shui Xian Cake, 2012

    The second in our series of Wuyi cakes. Pressed from "zheng yan" Shuixian leaves. Fired lower than the 2011, the mouthfeel is smoother and the finish a bit brighter.

    150 gram cake for $65.00

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  • Organic Heritage Tieguanyin

    Organic Heritage Tieguanyin

    Caramel & cane sugar notes in a surprisingly smooth tea. Hand-crafted; lychee fruit wood roasted for 30 hours. This is our rarest hand-crafted traditional Tieguanyin.

    2 oz. for $31.00

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  • Organic Fuding Silver Needle, 2013

    Organic Fuding Silver Needle, 2013

    Our finest white tea, comprised of Da Bai leaf buds from Northern Fujian’s Fuding County. Remarkably round, with notes of rose, apricot and cream.

    2 oz. for $29.00

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  • Lishan, Spring 2013

    Lishan, Spring 2013

    The standard from which our Formosa oolongs are based. Harvested at 2000 meters above sea level. Smooth and sweet with a hint of sugarcane, tropical fruits, citrus and flowers.

    2 oz. for $31.00

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  • Ming Qian Dragonwell Shifeng, 2013

    Ming Qian Dragonwell Shifeng, 2013

    Distinct golden tea buds make up a hearty, rich tea with notes of buttered toast - a result of a longer, low temperature firing. Harvested March 19, 2013, from northern Zhejiang Province.

    2 oz. for $33.00

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