In traditional Chinese tea culture, the teapot is an essential component in gong fu cha, a method of tea brewing where tea leaves are infused multiple times in a small teapot. With a few exceptions, the teapots in our collection are smaller and meant to be used in this traditional manner.

We’ve curated our teapot collection, selecting specific materials and shapes, to pair with specific types of teas.

Thinner materials such as glass and porcelain are perfect for lighter teas. Thicker and heavier materials such as stoneware and yixing clay, are more ideal for richer, darker teas.


The appearance of the Chinese teapot in the early days of the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368-1644) reflected a fundamental shift in the way tea was processed and brewed - from a tea powder to loose leaves.

The teapot made sense for this newer style of tea brewing: a closed lid allowed the pot to better retain heat, a narrow spout kept leaves from getting into the cup, and a handle kept fingers from burning.

Spearheading this shift were unglazed Yixing tea pots crafted of zisha (purple clay). The form of Yixing teapots eventually inspired teapots made from other materials: blue and white porcelain ware from Jingdezhen to modern day stoneware and glass tea pots.

We Recommend

For Lighter Teas Blossom Glass Teapot

For Darker Teas Xu De Jia, Celadon Teapot #5

Our collection of teapots includes several material types and crafting styles. Select a teapot for the type of tea brewed. Paper Porcelain or glass teapots are best with lighter green and white teas, whereas heavier and thicker celadon ware or Yixing pots are better suited for oolong, black and pu-erh teas.

  • Glass & Porcelain Stacking Set

    Glass & Porcelain Stacking Set

    A charming, whimsical teapot and cup set. The teapot stacks on top of the cup while brewing. And notice that fine porcelain infuser basket.
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  • Blossom Glass Teapot

    Blossom Glass Teapot

    The perfect teapot for blossoming or any other type of tea. Crafted of heat-proof borosilicate glass. Comes with a glass infuser to handle your non-blossoming teas.
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  • Porcelain Teapot, Hatchling

    Porcelain Teapot, Hatchling

    A round, perfectly balanced teapot picturing a young child feeding hatchlings in a garden. Qing Dynasty aesthetic, hand painted in varying shades of cobalt blue.

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