As beautiful as they are, tea leaves are not meant to be displayed under glass for all to see.

Light and air will oxidize and alter the tea leaf. Luckily, we have canisters to keep your teas fresh.

  • Bamboo Canister

    Bamboo Canister

    Rustic elegance in a canister carved from a section of bamboo. We think this would make wonderful storage for loose-leaf pu-erhs and aged teas (or any other tea for that matter).
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  • Red Canister

    Red Canister

    Our signature stylish, glossy red canister with two lids to ensure that teas stay fresh. This is by far one of our favorite tea storage canisters.
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  • Medium & Large Canisters

    Slate Canister

    With a finish the color of aged pewter, our slate canister is available in two sizes to accommodate all your teas.

    2 Styles for $6.00

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