Sandalwood Tea Pick

Price Quantity

Sandalwood Tea Pick

length: 6.5"
shaft: 2.5"
diameter: 0.5"

Our tea pick features a sharp stainless steel shaft sheathed in red sandalwood. The two brass-accented edges of the pick can be twist-closed to elegantly hide the pick. A simple twist opens the pick for use. With time, both brass and wood will develop a wonderful patina.

This is the essential tool for those who have pu-erh or oolong cake or brick teas, allowing for easy portioning of even the densest pressed teas.

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The Sandalwood Tea Pick is extremely sharp, we suggest using it with care. Firmly grasp the pick and tea cake, and position your hand so that injury does not occur if the pick slips. Please also sheath the pick after use.