San Lin Xi, Spring 2014

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2 oz.
4 oz.
8 oz.
16 oz.

San Lin Xi, Spring 2014

Tea Location

Rising 1900 meters above sea level, San Lin Xi lies in the center of a range of peaks that bear its name. Of the 15 mountains that form the range, San Lin Xi is the highest.

Harvested the last week of April 2014 from a tea garden that sits only a couple hundred meters below peak, our San Lin Xi Spring harvest is oxidized to nearly 20%, a more traditional method that intensifies aroma, flavor and after taste of the tea. This traditional crafting method takes oxidation to the point where all the tea's innate fruitiness and creaminess is optimized, yet balanced.

Amongst our Formosa oolongs, San Lin Xi stands out for its unique, almost tropical, tang. The flavor and aromatic profile of this tea is rich with notes of flowers, tropical fruit (pineapples and papayas!), brown sugar and cream. The finish is at the same time aromatic and sumptuous.


Infuser Cup

Tea Leaves 5 grams
Water Temp 200 ° F
Steep Time 3 min

Tea Bowl

Tea Leaves 3 grams
Water Temp 200 ° F

Gaiwan / Teapot (6 oz.)

Tea Leaves 4 grams
Water Temp 200 ° F
Steep Time 3 min

Teapot (12 oz.)

Tea Leaves 6 grams
Water Temp 200 ° F
Steep Time 3 min

San Lin Xi brews a more robust tea than our other green Formosa Oolongs, the finish is more intense and focused.

To achieve the optimal brew, we suggest using fewer leaves but allowing those leaves to steep longer. In a gaiwan or small tea pot, use 4 grams of tea leaves. We suggest 3 minutes on the initial brew, dropping down to 2 minutes 30 seconds on the second brew, and then increasing that in increments of 30 seconds for subsequent brews. For lighter infusions, use hotter water and half the brew time.