Blossoming Collection

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Blossoming Collection

Our Blossoming Collection rounds up all of our blossoming teas in one place. We created this collection for those who want to try the different styles of blossoming teas we carry. The set includes four of each of our four current varieties of blossoming teas.

Along with the tea, we've included a description and instruction card. Everything is packaged in a kraft gift box.

As our tea selection changes year to year, the Blossoming Collection will also change. The current collection includes four blossoms of each of the following:

Inner Blossom Jasmine - A simple daisy-like blossoming tea. A red mum forms the center.

Rising Jasmine - Hand-tied tea buds enclose a daisy chain of jasmine flowers that rise upwards in a teapot.

Yellow Chrysanthemum - Tea buds are hand-tied around a single large yellow chrysanthemum flower.

Jasmine Lily - Hand tied tea buds that surround a ring of jasmine flowers topped by a brilliant red mum flower.

  • Inner Blossom Jasmine
  • Rising Jasmine
  • Yellow Chrysanthemum
  • Jasmine Lily