Glass Infuser Cup

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Glass Infuser Cup

capacity: 10 oz.
height: 5.5" with lid
diameter: 3.25"

The glass infuser cup's ability to brew tea far exceeds its rather simple demeanor.

A double layer of glass insulate one's hands from the heat, but also maintains the temperature of the tea as it brews. The lid helps maintain brew temperature, but also serves as a trivet for the infuser between brews. And finally, a laser cut infuser keeps all sorts of teas tidy - from large leaf oolongs to delicate greens.

One of our favorite reminders of trekking through Zhejiang Province is watching young green tea leaves swirl in a glass cup as it brews, But if you're one who is easily annoyed by errant leaves in your sip, buy one of these and enjoy green tea leaves swiriling in your own glass, without the bits and pieces.

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