Alishan, Spring 2013

Product Price Quantity
2 oz.
4 oz.
8 oz.
16 oz.

Alishan, Spring 2013

Tea Location

Hand-gathered in late April 2013 at 1600 meters above sea level, our Alishan oolong comes from a garden that has provided us with tea for the past seven years. It’s a garden that for the past few years have won repeated accolades for the quality and character of its tea. Their harvest season spans twelve days, and during that time, tea-picking, oxidation, roasting and rolling occurs around the clock. Each step in the process is mindfully controlled to ensure that the tea is crafted to optimize its aroma, taste and finish.

This year’s harvest season was marked by days of heavy rain interspersed with unseasonably warm days. The result was a significantly lower quantity of tea picked, but skilled craftsmanship turned that small amount into an exceptional wonderful tea. This batch counts as one of the best we’ve tasted - intensely flavorful and aromatic, without sacrificing mouth feel or sweetness.

High elevation oolongs from Alishan usually carry notes of citrus and apples, akin to baked apples or apple sauce, with a hint of orange zest and a persistent finish of flowers and sweet cream.


Infuser Cup

Tea Leaves 5.5 grams
Water Temp 200 ° F
Steep Time 3 min

Tea Bowl

Tea Leaves 3 grams
Water Temp 200 ° F

Gaiwan / Teapot (6 oz.)

Tea Leaves 4.5 grams
Water Temp 200 ° F
Steep Time 2 min 30 sec

Teapot (12 oz.)

Tea Leaves 6.5 grams
Water Temp 200 ° F
Steep Time 3 min

Properly brewed, Alishan has a balance of floral and fruit notes, with an engaging but not overbearing creaminess.

In a gaiwan or small tea pot, we prefer steeping 4.5 grams of this tea at 200 degrees for 2 minutes 30 seconds on the initial brew, dropping down to 2 minutes on the second brew, and then increasing that in increments of 30 seconds for subsequent brews. For lighter infusions, use hotter water and half the brew time.